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I dont have any sentiments:Ram Gopal Varma January 24, 2010

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I dont have any sentiments: RGV Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma said that he doesn’t fit for sentiment films, like sister sentiment or mother sentiment films. He said, “There are many directors in our Telugu film industry who were specialised in that particular subject. I need not to enter into their range. Moreover, I don’t have any sentiments. Whatever, I reveal in my films is a very small dose of it. I think audiances may find some additional dose of sentiment in my upcoming film ‘Rakta Charitra.’ I think, that’s all what I can present to you all. In fact, I love to terrify the audiances with my films. That’s why you often find me with horror movies and not with ordinary films.”

Ram Gopala Varma’s upcoming Hindi film ‘Ran’ is also releasing among controversies. There was a controversy about the song ‘Jana gana mana rana’ in which he alleged to be altered the lyrics of our National Anthem. The film is releasing on 29th of January.


One Response to “I dont have any sentiments:Ram Gopal Varma”

  1. vasan Says:

    varma is daring his thought are very differant

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